I have worked with Kylie over the years in various different guises. Most recently she has helped me with remote healing. My pain levels are much reduced and I have been able to enjoy this summer by getting out and about again. Kylie is blessed with the ability to work with people remotely around the globe through distance healing, with her services being second to none.

Matt G, United Kingdom

I had broken my shoulder and basically told by doctor to either get an operation or deal with it. I found Kylie and the change has been amazing, after 2 treatments I have so much more range and no pain. I have recommended Kylie to my friends and I tell them to stay open and allow whatever needs to be worked on, happen!
Donna, QLD


‘MEH’… that’s the best way I can describe how I was feeling on a daily basis, before my path crossed with Kylie. I stumbled across her ‘by chance’, completely unaware of what an Energy Healer was. But WOWEE! Four sessions in – the MEH is gone and I just keep feeling better. While I can’t explain it and I don’t understand it, I know that something has absolutely shifted for the better – and that’s enough for me. Most highly recommend. J

Janice QLD

I am simply astounded!! After suffering chronic sciatic pain for 12 months and trying every therapy known. One visit with you kylie and the old me is back, I feel like I have a new body. I feel lighter and all round clearer. You have a real and very strong gift Kylie, I feel like telling the world. Thank you doesn't even come close. You fixed what all those doctors and therapists could not, wow, 24hrs after my session I'm still in amazement
Michele, QLD
Today I had my first session with Kylie and I felt an instant comfort. My session was amazing and I felt things clearing and moving through me every step of the way.. I have been stuck energetically Kylie picked up on this straight away as well as other things going on. The shift I feel just hours after my session is amazing.. I could not recommend Kylie enough.
Natasha, QLD
I have been lucky enough to have 2 treatments with Kylie, I found both to be extremely positive experiences. It has been very beneficial for me and my family, I will definitely go back if needed. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us Kylie.
Annette, QLD
I went to see Kylie to get assistance with long term Chronic Fatigue. I strongly believe in the power of energy medicine but found no practitioner I felt drawn to have a session with, there was a very particular flavour of healing I was after. I knew right away that Kylie would be effective at what she does, and my intuition was spot on.
Lahluna QLD
Kylie is truly amazing at what she does. You can rest easy knowing you’re in the right place no matter what the reason you have been lead into her space. How lucky we are to have such a professional here on the Sunshine Coast
April, QLD
I could not recommend Kylie highly enough. Her intuition, expertise, guidance and skills are absolutely amazing. Her energy & wisdom is life changing and I will always be so grateful that I walked through her doors.
Fiona QLD
Thank you so much Kylie for seeing my xxxxx.....for the first time in 4 years she has had the ability to rest her legs. She has only taken 1 pain killer instead of 4. She is like a new person. I wish she had seen you earlier.
Amazing, spot on accurate -this helped me heal many wounds I have been unable to for over 4 decades. You were discerning, informative, professional, empathic and has had a profound impact on my life.
Vanessa SA
Unbelievable, I am still curious as to how it works - but it does.
Andrew, NSW
With a sore back and hip, Energy Shifting was a last resort for me and I wish that it was my first resort
Misha, NSW
I feel wonderful, well, free and enlightened. Its hard for me to describe the feeling. I am so content to move forward and achieve so much.
Kristy NSW

I’ll admit it. I was a little sceptical at first treatment. I have now had a few sessions and  while I can’t explain it, I know it works and there is definite shift and healing that takes place. After living with chronic pain for over a decade, Kylie is someone I would recommend to anyone. You have to have a treatment to truely understand how amazing it is.


I was so nervous about having this healing experience. First one. You’re a treasure.
Simon NSW
Thankyou. I will certainly recommend your services. Amazing!
Trisha NSW
What a wonderful Healing experience. You have brought light to what I thought was such a dark place.
Bernadette NSW

Hola buenas tardes, soy cubana y estoy muy contenta por la consulta q me hiciste a mi y a familia muchas gracias

Alicia CUBA

Whow, so awesome. I am excited about what lay ahead with new choices to consider. Thank you so much.
Stephanie NSW

I am very happy with Kylie’s healing. I am feeling balanced and light. Thank you also for supporting  my family in Cuba. Many Blessings to you Kylie.


She is an angel sent from above. Firstly I’d like to acknowledge her authentic welcoming and beautiful nature. I was so comfortable with her and that says a lot from my Capricorn walls haha as this was my first energy healing. She held so much time, energy and space for me, I’m out of this world grateful. But the most important thing from this healing was I had the most intense back pain, I am 25 and was hunched over, crippled in agony unable to be fixed by any physical therapy I tried and from one session, the pain is just gone. I waited two weeks to actually be able to believe it but it’s true, it’s gone! she helped move the stuck energy from me and helped my body flow again. I never knew how much emotional trauma I held until this experience. She also has balanced me out a lot! So many amazing things have happened since, I feel like I can see clearer again and she truly brought my faith back into the universe again and has given me the tools to listen. Sending so much love and light and gratitude to her.


I have had leg/hip pain now for 3 weeks. Had my first healing session (distance) with Kylie. Wow. The next day I felt lighter in my energy body. Cant wait to have another session. Definitely worth having a session.


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