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Increasing the Joy in your Life

25 Ways to Add More Joy into Your Life:

Take a deep, slow breath. Conscious breathing helps restore mind-body equilibrium, and it also improves focus, allowing you to use your time more efficiently and be more productive.

Spend more time outside.
Go out for a walk on your lunch break. In the morning. Or in the middle of the night. It’ll help clear away mental clouds and change your perspective on things.

Read a book.
Read a hardback instead of checking your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed or watching TV. It’s better fun, and it’ll stimulate your mind more.

Revive forgotten bonds.
Get back in touch with an old friend or distant relative. Arrange to have a round of drinks with them and do the catching up.

Spread positivity as you go.
Give a compliment to a complete stranger. Or to a loved one, if you haven’t done it lately.

Do something new every day.
Getting out of your comfort zone keeps inspiration and passion for life alive. Do something new every day: it’ll help you grow and stay motivated and happy.

Keep your inner dreamer alive.
On less than stellar days, take the time to come up with a new dream or goal you’ll strive to achieve in the next couple of months.

Make time for love.
As busy as you may be, you should never let family and loved ones take the backseat to work or chores. Don’t let your days on Planet Earth go to waste: make time for love, every day.

Recharge your batteries in silence.
Life is stressful, but silence and peace can help handle everyday problems and worries. Take the time to be alone when you need to recharge your batteries.

Check out the slides and swings in the park. Remember what it felt like to be a kid, and don’t be ashamed to let your inner child out to play even if you’re well into your 50s.

Laugh out loud.
Laugh out loud. Even if it sounds funny. Even if you snort when laughing. Even if you don’t feel like laughing at all. It’ll help relieve stress and boost your mental performance.

Do charity work.
Donate gently used clothes to the Red Cross. Lend a hand in meal prep at the local soup kitchen. Teach homeless kids how to make DIY art masterpieces.

Learn to meditate.
Your thoughts can get out of hand if you don’t know how to silence your mind. Meditation is the best way to keep your train of thought in check, and you can learn it from a smartphone app or a YouTube tutorial.

Purge your home of clutter.
Even if you’re not a hoarder by nature, you probably have more possessions than you actually need. De-cluttering will help eliminate energy blocks while increasing your home’s comfort and functionality at the same time.

Turn negatives into positives.
For each negative thought that crosses your mind, come up with a positive one. Silver linings are everywhere; it’s up to you to find them – or make them yourself.

Support the less fortunate.
Donate a small amount of cash to help raise high school scholarships for girls from economically disadvantaged families.

Make a meal for the whole family.
Even if you don’t like to cook, try and make a healthy meal for your family. Bless each ingredient as you are preparing the meal and think of the food prep as a process of creating the love you’ll feed your loved ones.

Pat yourself on the head.
Compliment yourself on work well done, even if your day was a disaster. You made it through to bedtime – that alone means you’re a champ.

Be lazy
Drop your arm-long To Do list right now and take a few minutes to be lazy. You don’t have to do anything: your only task is to feel good in your skin and to love your life.

Give assumptions a heave-ho.
Don’t jump to conclusions based on hearsay. Challenge your beliefs, question your assumptions, and take every conclusion with a grain of doubt.

Focus on the present moment.
Instead of trying to juggle a hundred different responsibilities, focus on the present moment and tackle one task at a time. It’s less stressful and more effective.

Voice your emotions.
Don’t be ashamed to give voice to your emotions, even negative ones. Write down how you feel and put positive notes up on a cork panel and throw negative ones away.

Change your diet.
Food impacts your mood more than you think. Go over your menu and see where you can tweak it to healthier to usher in positivity, increased energy levels, and passion for life.

Learn to say No.
Saying No doesn’t make you a bad person: it makes you a human being with healthy boundaries. Learn to say No to the things you can’t or don’t want to do, and don’t let yourself be guilt-tripped into changing your mind.

Hunt down happy moments.
Life is neither black nor white all by itself: it’s made of moments the shade of which depends on your own perception. Take a minute to name things you’re grateful for, (get beyond material things) look for happy faces and sights as you walk down the street, and focus on thoughts that make you smile instead of those that make you sick.

Life’s amazing, and you should live it fully. Walk barefoot across the grass, laugh every day, spread love, positivity, and compassion, meditate, be active, eat healthy foods, and allow yourself to be all that you are – a universe unto itself.

Be honest now: are you living your life to the fullest? If you answered Yes, congrats, you’re one of the chosen few and a shining example for the rest of us mere mortals. If your answer to the above question was negative, however, no need to pity yourself because you’re not alone: many people easily get caught up in the cogwheels of the dreary everyday routine and forget what it feels like to live life deeply, fully, and authentically as it ought to be lived.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to go back to living as if every day was your last. If you’re short on ideas as to how to fall back in love with your life, feel free to steal some of the tips above and use them to infuse your time on Planet Earth with passion, fun, and substance.