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SOUL PROFILE READING  - CLEARING                                                          
ENERGY TREATMENT - ELEMENT BALANCE                                                               

Mental, Emotional and Physical readings,healings and clearings, all impact each other. Mental beliefs hold emotions and emotions cause blockages in our energy chanels and these blockages cause our Physical body to become symptomatic with injury and illness. 

All readings are incredibly insightful and provide an avenue for you to really go within, and make some positive changes to allow abundance to flow into your life. If you wish, you can add an INTENTION to your reading to get specific clarity.

It is also important to note that some people I cannot read for. Their soul doesn’t want to be read for at that specific time for whatever reason, In this instance, an energy treatment is required to clear blockages and a date will be given of when reading can then occur.   I do honour the information I am given prior to starting a reading and will suggest you try again at specified time.  No refunds are given for on-line personalised readings.


From this reading you will discover how your soul likes to organise itself, what your soul wants to experience right now, your soul specialisations and areas where you will be most abundant, and soul group of origination. This reading also provides the opportunity to discover how you have been divinely created and where you are living outside of alignment with your souls blueprint.  Mis-alignment is caused by your thoughts, your actions and the choices you are making. The more in alignment you become in your thoughts and your actions – the more vital force energy you are able to receive and the more abundant you will be.

This reading is like a mental DEFRAG. Mental data gets fragmented across your hard drive (your body system and all its dimensions).Science has bridged the gap between belief and illness. Our beliefs do make us sick. Your  beliefs/your thoughts  hold or cement in our emotions, which when negative, cause congestion in the body creating illness and disease. In this reading you will receive a list of negative beliefs that are sitting in your energy field, the situations you have experienced, where you have created these beliefs and channelled suggestions of how you need to change these beliefs to move forward with clarity and good health. Often the beliefs are subconscious and we don’t even know we hold them until pointed out. They will definately make sense to you.

This reading is like an emotional DEFRAG. Emotional data gets fragmented across your hard drive (your body system and all its dimensions.) From this reading you will get situations/people/environments you have experienced where you have experienced emotional imbalance and these emotions have become stuck in your energy field and congesting your body causing ailment or illness – from a common cold, sore ankles to more serious illnesses. This is extremely rewarding in that you will discover in each situation if its your thoughts or your actions that are causing this congestion, so that you can easily make changes to move forward. These emotions are held securely in place by your beliefs. These emotions often are the leading cause of detrimental and painful patterns in our lives. This reading allows you to trace back where the emotions come from  – through acknowledgement, compassion and understanding, these emotions can be released and let go.

In this session, you will get an insight into the journey of becoming a medical intuitive. You will receive a chakra balance and a body scan of all the meridian points blocked in your body, kinked like a hose, not allowing vital force energy to feed certain parts of your body, causing your body to become symptomatic. You will be able to feel these points of congestion. Using Crystals to amplify energy, these blockages will be removed. You will discover what body system needs addressing. Any further body ailments will be then treated. With your permission, with the gift of sight to see further imbalances, an internal organ environment assessment will be made. The mental and emotional clearings above are a PREREQUISITE for this healing.

Our bodies, organs, and cells are all made up of elements, as is the earth and everything in it. When the elmenets are out of balance, it creates an environment for disease to foster. The elements are FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER AND WOOD. All these elements have corresponding merdian energy chanels connected to them.

Energetic Healing is a therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing abilities.

Using a mixture of modalities, you will receive, Crystal Energy Amplification, Chakra Balance, Quantum Energy Healing. Common ailments of concern wil be addressed eg: ankles, knees, indigestion, headaches etc... This is purely energy session, with no insight offered as to why these physical ailments have occurred.